Learn To Connect In The Classroom

Learn To Connect In The Classroom

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Teaching a child with learning or behavioral differences isn't always easy. You want to provide the best care for your students, but where do you begin? How can you be sure you're saying and doing the right things?

Physical & Academic Learning Services, PLLC can ease your worries. There's no one right way to teach a child with learning or behavioral differences, but PALS can help you develop the tools and expertise you need to approach their differences in a healthy way.

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PALS has over 20 years of experience helping educators, parents and families develop healthy approaches to learning and behavioral differences. Our training sessions include topics like:

  • Lesson planning
  • Minimum standards for outdoor play
  • Developmental goals
  • Classroom management
  • Ways to relieve stress
  • Supervision inside and outside the classroom
  • Effective communication between staff and parents

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